hot, cold, hot, cold

the weather, that is. i now know why they call it mother nature, not father nature. it is definitely a woman.  only a woman is capable of changing her mind every five minutes like this.

let’s see… about three  weeks ago it was a week full of sunshine. i actually saw people walking around with only t-shirt on. even i went out with a jumper on, no jacket. followed by a week with wet weather. rain, wind… needed my thick jacket again. on the easter weekend, it snowed. we ended up with pretty thick snow but on the last day of the long weekend the temperature went up so all the snow went away. last week, i went out with my jacket on but it was too warm so back to no jacket again. it’s just confusing. should i take the jacket with me, should i not?

then yesterday. oh maaan. warm. no, hot. we had to open so many windows. not a little opening, wide open. all day long, until around 10 pm. and it was still warm when we went to bed. the wind was quite strong at one point but oh….. so….. warm….. MOH still had his winter quilt on, i don’t know how he managed to sleep. i had summer quilt and i was restless and woke up every couple of hours or so. even the girls (fatso and baileys) were uncomfortable, in and out of the house all night long. blah… it was a bad night. MOH woke up grumpy, the poor thing. half an hour earlier than his usual waking up time.

6 am today, raining. cloudy. dark. right now… the sun has decided to come out a little bit. now it’s 2pm, still a bit of cloud and i can see on the east side from our place the cloud is pretty heavy. the wind is quite strong, i’ve had to close the window.

heeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh. i am so used to the indo weather, hot all year long. a few months of rainy days. no surprises. not a fan of the humidity there though. when i was in brisbane, while i liked the mild weather, sometimes during summer i wished we could get colder weather.  now i get the cold winter. the cold spring. the cold autumn. even summer isn’t that warm. and i am still unhappy. people hey… never happy with how things are, always want something else.


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