where’s my mobile? where’s my mobile? OMG, WHERE IS THAT PHONE OF MINE!!!

it was a very scary 20 minutes. i checked all my pockets, i checked under all tables, i checked all the small rubbish bins under the tables, i went around asking people if they’ve seen it, i made my colleague (and my boss) called it.

i traced my last steps. i knew i took it out from my jeans pocket and put it on the table that was my work area; right at the corner of it. and then i left the table to help with something else about 5 metres away and forgot to take it with me. when i came back to my table, it was clean. somebody had cleared my work area and my mobile was gone!

first thought: MOH is going to kill me (it was a birthday present from him).

second thought: all my photos of fatso and baileys are gone.

third thought: my old messages!!! (yes, i’m one of those people who save messages from 5 years ago)

fourth thought: help, MOH is so going to kill me.

so i looked for it for at least 20 minutes. my heart went bum bum bum really quickly. my throat felt dry. my lips were sore because i bit them, i was that nervous. i started breaking in cold sweat. panic, panic, panic.

and then the boss said, imagine if it’s in one of the boxes that’s on its way to bergen (a town a bit south from us). what would the security at the airport think when there’s this ringing noise coming out from it. oh… ha ha ha…. it would be funny if it was someone else’s phone that had gone AWOL.

after a while i gave up. what was there left to do, i’ve checked everywhere i could check, we’ve tried ringing it but couldn’t hear anything. at that point i really thought it was on its way to bergen. and if it really was, at least they could send it back to me.

and so i started walking towards the exit door and by then, words have spread that i was looking for my mobile. this guy who worked not so far from the big rubbish bin (we only use our inside bins for papers) called out to me as i walked passed him and said he thought he heard something coming out from the bin. i dug into the bin right away. and there it was. my poor mobile phone, buried under lots and lots and lots of papers. i was sooooo relieved.

BUT! who would throw a mobile phone into a rubbish bin? i mean, it doesn’t exactly look like a piece of paper, does it now?????


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