head or heart?

when your head and your heart are saying different things, which one do you listen to?

the head: are you stupid or something?

the heart: have you no feeling or something?

the head: at least i’m not stupid.

the heart: at least i’m not an insensitive bitch.

the head: seriously, woman. what the hell is wrong with you?

the heart: not that it’s any of your business, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving it all.

the head: like hell….  you have given everything and a bit more. what have you got left for yourself?

the heart: aren’t we selfish.

the head: aren’t we stupid.

the heart: hey! enough with the name calling. i’m feeling a bit down, ok.

the head: yes, i know. you transfer the feeling to me all the time, i got headache every waking moment.

the heart: yeah well, headache is nothing compared to heartache. and i, my friend, feel the heartache.

the head: oh poor me, poor me. self pity, pathetic. why don’t you do something about it? stop hurting us already.

the heart: i need a bit more time.

the head: a bit more time? a bit more time? a bit more time!!!!!

the heart: shut up.

the head: the way you’re going, you’re taking us into an early grave.

the heart: at least i’d die knowing i tried.

the head: at least you’d die…. what on earth…. LISTEN TO ME! WHERE IS YOUR DIGNITY!

the heart: my what?

the head: dignity. self-respect. why don’t you try loving yourself just a liiiiittle bit before you go and waste your love on other people?

the heart: ‘waste my love on other people?’ loving somebody isn’t a waste. where is your compassion? why can’t you try to understand how i feel?

the head: you feel too much. try thinking, yeah…

the heart: you’re a total bitch.

the head: i might be a bitch, but at least i’m not stupid like somebody whose name i won’t mention.

the heart: piss off.

the head: right back at you.

===== bloody hell…. i think i’m losing my mind… MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (the hysterical kind of laugh) =====


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