rugby and soccer day

i completely forgot that it was the day for the first game of the 2007 state of origin. i have to try to find the video of that game. apparently it was awesome.

the last time i watched state of origin was in 2005. yeah yeah… maroons lost. last year i followed the games on the internet. the last game, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh……. and we won! i was getting quite sick of us losing to the blues year after year after year. and broncos actually won the grand final too last year hehehe…

now, i love footy the best but i am also a big fan of rugby. and i love the broncos because they have darren lockyer. i think darren lockyer is a bloody legend. L-E-G-E-N-D. that’s right. he’s my simon black of rugby.

so anyway, maroons won the first game. hope we’re going to win the whole thing. fingers crossed. stop talking about it, i’m going to jinx it otherwise.

in the evening, i wanted to watch ugly betty but MOH had another idea. soccer. i like soccer, but only the world cup. i don’t like local soccer, i find them boring. anyway… since as long as i remember, i have liked maldini and klinsmann.

so MOH wanted to watch soccer. blah. i asked who were playing, he said liverpool. double blah. and then i saw that they were playing against ac milan. ooooh…… i perked up straight away. this was gonna be fun… MOH – liverpool (because they’re english) , me – ac milan (because of maldini). yesssss… bring it on!!!

what was up with milan’s game? why didn’t they play as good as liverpool? play some soccer, for goodness sake!!! why did liverpool got so many shots at goal? what the hell?!?!?! i got quite annoyed. see… that’s why i only watch the world cup.

MOH got so annoyed at liverpool for not managing to kick a goal, especially since he also thought they were playing much better than milan. everytime they took a shot and missed he yelled. i think he actually threw a sock at the tv hehehe…

i think it is much more fun to be supporting different teams. louder. crazier. more excitement. and ac milan won!!! woo hoo

maroon won!!! woo hoo again!!!


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