accident prone

i am accident prone, that’s a well known fact. i hurt myself accidentally all the time. the worst period was my college year, i remember. after that thing got better. i would have little accidents but not too often. but i am afraid that my tendency to hurt myself is back. with a vengeance.

this week alone…

my right arm is in pain. the kinda pain you get when you exercise after months and months of being a slacker. it feels heavy and i can feel the pain all the way to my shoulder. courtesy of my beloved husband. serves me right for marrying a goofy man 🙂

we were kidding around in the bathroom last night and he tried to pull me down to the floor with him. we both lost our footing and to stop myself from falling hard on top of him, i leaned against the sink with my right arm and my whole weight fell on my forearm in a matter of a second. ouch ouch ouch……. i got big red spot there straight away and i couldn’t move it. i think it went to shock 😦 i told MOH to stretch it slowly saying i couldn’t move it. after some gentle stretching, i hit him hard on the arm because.. well, hello…. i could’ve been injured seriously. he went, ‘see, you can so move it’, followed by hahaha. easy for him to laugh, he got away scratch free.

by then we were both sitting on the floor. he pulled me to him and bang! my knee hit the bath tub. thank you very much. thank you very much indeed, darling.

earlier today, i was chasing baileys around the house. she stood under the living room table so i jumped onto the couch to reach her, hitting my left foot on the table in the process. lots of pain but i just put pressure on it and screamed a little into the pillow. and then i forgot about it completely until later on when i felt a little stinging sensation where i hit it. i took a look and wouldn’t you know it… there was an open cut there. band aid time.

on wednesday, i cut my left little finger with the bread knife. i didn’t even know that the silly knife is so sharp. i was trying to make breadcrumb out of some stale bread slices using the knife (stupid, i know) and it slipped and gave me a cut. pretty deep cut at that. so far, i think i’ve used at least 6 band aids on that finger.

getting into the car to drive to work today, i caught my hair on the door. seriously… how is that even possible? all i know is, i went in, sat down, slammed the door, tried to settle in the seat but couldn’t move because my hair was stuck.

three days, five accidents. very scary indeed. wait… make it six. i was trying to escape MOH yesterday and he tried to stop me by grabing my hair (bloody hell, i tried to escape, he pulled my hair… sounds so bad hehehe….). unfortunately he only caught a few and because i was practically running from him and he pulled hard, out came my hair. i swear it felt like he pulled lots of strands out but he said it was only one. hmmmm…. i think he knew how much trouble he was in already after the arm and knee incident hehehe.

so now i walk around with three band aids on me (foot, pinky finger and middle finger – paper cut). PLUS i have a bright red hickey on my forehead. he really is mental. who gives hickeys on forehead?????

being clumsy and having a partner who is a crazy, pratical joker is a bad combination. very, very, bad combination. 


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