how? why? i mean… HOW? WHY?

yesterday was pizza day (we have homemade pizza every saturday). we went to our usual supermarket to buy everything we needed but they were out of prawns. i wanted prawns on my pizza because otherwise they would be just pizza sauce and cheese (MOH’s pizza… about 300g of meat).

so we went to another shop to look for some prawns. they only had the cooked, frozen ones; no raw prawns. i was about to get them but then i saw that their price were double the price of our usual supermarket. what a rip off. no way. i rather had plain pizza.

on the way home i realized that i’ve forgotten to get olive oil, so we stopped at the corner shop to get some. the oil was about 2m away from the frozen food section so i went to see if they had prawns. they did. woo hoo… so happy. didn’t have to eat plain pizza after all. not the same brand but i have bought salmon from this brand before and it was good. anyway, it was a bag of frozen prawns. prawns taste the same anywhere, right? checked the price… it was 10kr cheaper than my usual brand. even better…

got home, made the dough. made the topping… dumped some prawns into my pizza sauce. took a bite of one prawn. hmmm… tasteless. maybe not properly cooked. waited a bit more then took another bite. still tasteless. 

the prawns from my usual brand are sweet. and when you bit into one it has this crunchiness that you associate with freshness. and they’re packed with prawn flavour. and they look… good. this brand, the white part of the prawns look too white and… i don’t know. they just look dodgy.

needless to say i’m never buying other brands of prawns anymore. back to my usual, trusted supermarket to stock on prawns next week.

how can frozen prawns taste so different? they’re just frozen prawns. seriously, how????? how, how, how??? i just don’t understand.

2 bucks of difference in price, a world of difference in price. talk about being ripped off!!!!


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