afl 2007, round 12

it’s halfway through the season and i have to admit, i’m over it. can’t wait for the next season. although, come to think of it, i’ve been saying that for the past three years. come on already, lions…. get a move on. up the ladder you go!

so they got beaten by cats this round. 85-35. such a sad numbers to look at. 35…. that’s nothing in footy.

other than the cats-lions game i didn’t listen to any other game two weeks ago. and last weekend, i only caught the last quarter of the eagles-saints game. got quite a surprise when i saw the saints leading right before the last quarter. i thought eagles were going to sneak their way to a win though, the way things went the first few minutes. but wow… saints really did a good job. good for them. i kinda wanted eagles to win though, so saints wouldn’t go up the ladder and pushed lions down hehehe. oh well…

so cats are still on top of the ladder, one win ahead of number 2, 3 and 4. and they got high percentage too, 155. way to go cats.

  1. cats 36
  2. hawks 32
  3. eagles 32
  4. magpies 32
  5. crows 28
  6. bombers 28
  7. bulldogs 28
  8. power 28
  9. kangaroos 28
  10. swans 24
  11. dockers 20
  12. saints 20
  13. lions 18
  14. blues 16
  15. demonds 8
  16. tigers 6

ps. i just remember that i actually listened to swans-pies game but i completely forgotten about it. yep, that’s how much impression they left on me. i hate them so much my brain just wiped any memory i have of them.


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