the power of words

lots of new temp at work in anticipation for summer. kinda hectic, trying to do your work and helping them at the same time.

last friday i was going mental from the craziness of it all. by the end of the day i had lost it completely; i was snappy and grumpy and unfriendly (those poor people).

and then this one person i was ‘assigned’ to help for the week came to me before leaving and said, ‘thank you for all the help’ and i just started smiling. i smiled to this person and then i couldn’t stop smiling. i haven’t got a sincere’thank you’ for a loooong, long time. i was so surprised i couldn’t think of a response. just kept smiling and finally mumbled a ‘it’s ok’.

words really are powerful. that simpe sentence was the highlight of my otherwise lousy day.


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