catching up

went to city today to meet up with a friend and her two baby girls. gosh… kids grow up so fast. the last time i saw her eldest girl, she was just a baby being pushed around in her stroller. now she’s walking around all by herself and can communicate with people. she will turn two this october and is just the cutest little girl. the baby is cute too but she’s only three months old i don’t like babies that young; they scare me. i like them when they’re one y.o and older. then i think of them as real people as opposed to fragile dolls that can be broken with just one slight touch.

sat in a cafe for a long time. drinking coffee and eating a HUGE chocolate chip biccies loaded with chocolate. i could feel a toothache coming while i bit into chunky, sweet pieces of chocolate. it was so worth it though. yummy yummy yummy. bumped into an old friend from my old language class and her wife and little baby girl (one year and a few months old). i have to say, sitting with three babies, while it was hectic and made it hard to carry a conversation properly… i kinda want one. they are all so adorable and lovable.

i used to go ga ga when i see babies. and then i got over them for a while. during that period, when i see babies, i went, so messy, so much noise, asking for so much attention. but now i’m back to thinking they are beautiful 🙂 yeah, i know… tick tock tick tock, goes my clock huahaha

should meet up with her more often. her kids are sooooo adorable. maybe one of these days i could convince her to lend me her eldest girl :p


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