birthday boy

MOH is particularly grumpy about his birthday this year. and they say women are sensitive about their age. huh, what a load of crap. i don’t remember ever being this unhappy about having a birthday. i’m not even allowed to say happy birthday to him. i sneaked a few of it while we were in public so he couldn’t chase me and smack me on my backside hehehe

bought two cheesecakes and took them to his work so he could share it with his workmates. he told me i chose the right cakes and the right bakery to buy it from. he said they were yummy. i have never bought anything from that bakery and i hate cheesecake. we just happened to be in that particular shopping center and my friend brought me to that particular bakery. i couldn’t be bothered to go and check what cakes all the other bakeries in the city had hehehe…. lucky they were good.

for dinner i made him a noodles dish. it’s a chinese thing, eating noodles on your birhtday. i made fried noodles with kecap manis, eggs, vegies and prawns. he didn’t even comment on the absence of meat hehehe he must’ve gotten us to it.

he got his birthday present from me about two weeks ago. a gps gadget for his car. personally, i don’t undertsand the use of that thing. yes, speaking as a person who have experienced getting lost with some ‘help’ of a gps. give me maps anytime.

so anyway… to my birthday boy….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! hope this year will be better than last. wish you health, wealth, happiness, love and everything you need and want plus some more. xxx


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