went to MIL’s place today to have birthday cake. she always buy a big cake whenever someone’s having a birthday and we all come and eat the cake together.

today we celebrated her belated birthday and MOH’s. the cake was particularly yummy today. there was a lemon taste on the filling. yum. now we have half of the cake and lots of chocolate cake made by MOH’s sis. the thing is, people always give us cakes and neither of us like sweet food, so most of the time they would stay in the fridge for a month and go bad.

after the cakes, we washed my car and then we polished it. my car is red and because it’s so old the colour’s gone a bit. only the front part though, the sides and the back are still shiny. so MIL decided that we should try to bring the colour back. we tried with the thingy for car first but it didn’t help much so we used the colour back for boats. after lots of rubbing (very good work out for the arms), we managed to bring the red colour back. it is now red, not pinky white anymore. yes, it was that bad. should’ve taken some photos, the difference between the before and after would be so obvious.

my little car is looking all pretty now. she looks like she just got a facelift. and it took us less than an hour to do it. i know, my MIL rocks 🙂


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