afl 2007, round 16

117 points! lions won by 117 points. sure their opposition were kinda there physically but mentally absent but still… 117 points. a good percentage booster.

and jonathan brown! 10 goals! that man, when he gets it right, he gets it really right. the first and second quarter was ok, i was surprised lions weren’t leading much by then. but then came the last half and hahahaha…. i sure was glad i stayed up (it started at 5AM my time) to listen to it. it was definitely a one-sided game. every now and again some carlton players made a move and i was reminded that it was actually a real game, two teams; not a training session.

so yeah… very happy. unfortunately, still can’t break into the top thanks to that draw with richmond (how did that happen?) but there is still hope. and if not, at least we’ll finish at a more respectable place than number 13 or 14 on the ladder.

cats won again. surprise surprise 🙂 crows lost to dockers. imagine that… after all that drama with their coach resigning, dockers won last week. good on them.

top 8: cats, kangaroos, hawks, power, eagles, pies, bulldogs, swans.

lions – 12.

ps. apparently coach pagan’s been sacked by carlton. that’s the third coach down this season.


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