cosmopolitan vs. women’s weekly

my subscription to (australian) cosmo has ran out (though i still haven’t received my last issued, should’ve been here latest last thursday) and i have no plan to renew it.

i still want to subscribe to a magazine but i’ve realised (finally!) that with cosmo and all those glossies… half of the magazines are adverts and the other half… well… nothing to read really. the same beauty/sex/social life/men ‘advices’ repeated years after year after year. so not worth the money.

so i’ve decided to subscribe to australian women’s weekly instead. i used to love reading them, just for their many, many recipes. i’m a sucker for pretty pictures of food hehehe. and now that i have someone to cook for, i can actually use the recipes. how very housewifey of me :p

to be real honest i don’t really remember what else aww has (true life storeries i’m guessing) but i think they have more articles than cosmo. more things to read.

i used to LOVE cosmo. i think mostly i just love the then-editor, Mia Freedman. now that she’s not the editor anymore, my love affair with cosmo has come to an end.

so yeah… cosmo this month, aww next.


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