afl 2007, round 20

we are out of top 8 this week but i’m not completely devastated by the result. sure, it would’ve been better if we won the game and got to stay in the top 8 but hey… we were playing the swans! and these buggers have been kicking our asses again and again and again for the longest time.

when we went into the big break all squared up at 25-25, i was quite impressed. we might have a chance after all. but then the swans ended the third quarter really well, up by 17 points, i think. i was pretty pissed going into the fourth quarter, to say the least.

but… the fourth started with three goals from the lions. then, we had a game. the quarter was exciting but kinda scary too because we were chasing each other all the way through. my fingers went numb because i was crossing them so hard for so long.

when we were down by six and the clock was ticking i gave up hope. i was almost sure we would lose. when brown marked almost on the dot of the end of fourth quarter, my heart was racing. and then he kicked a goal and i ran around the living room like crazy.

finally, finally we can steal some points from them. it’s about time! sure, it was just a tie but it’s better than a lost.

unfortunately saints won their game and are now 2 points above lions. i don’t know if we can make it back to the top 8 but i’m liking the way lions play. following their games is enjoyable again.

top 8: cats, power, eagles, hawks, kangaroos, magpies, swans, saints.

lions – 9.


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