lover and husband

i’ve been living in norway for a bit over two years now and this phrase still makes me giggle: norges lover.

norge is the norwegian word for norway. norges means ‘norway’s’.  

when i first saw the red book with the word norges lover on it appeared on tv, i went, what the hell, because my brain was procesing it in english. a few seconds later i realised that i was in norway and the word lover  wasn’t an english word, it was a norwegian word, meaning ‘laws’. still today when i see the red book with that phrase on tv i have a good laugh because it still takes me a few seconds to make myself stop thinking about the word ‘lover’ as an english word.

another word that made me laughed out loud too was husband. i was watching some music program and that word came up as the credit rolled. husband? husband? as in, a partner of a wife? what does that have anything to do with a music program? how weird.

then… oh yes, in norway, must be a norwegian word. so husband is… hus = ‘house’ and band = ‘band’, house band. riiiight…..

funny thing, language…


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