my kinda classic

MOH is always making me listen to his old songs, referring to them as ‘classic’. he also refers to some tv series, e.g. macgyver, seinfeld, mash and movies, e.g. the shine and many more i don’t remember,  as ‘classic’. i keep saying to him, they’re not classic, they’re just OLD! just because something is old, doesn’t automatically make it a classic.

on the weekend we went to the shopping centre and i found the complete series of sex and the city. now, that is what i call classic. i have watched this series again and again and again and i still enjoy watching it. i must’ve watched season 2-5 (i bought them in australia) at least 10 times on dvd’s plus those times on tv. i reckon i’d still enjoy it years and years from now.

now i have the complete series. MOH said i should just buy it since i didn’t have season 1 and 6 anyhow and the complete series would be cheaper than buying them as separate seasons. so i did. i’ve been watching it since yesterday and i’m up to episode 4 season 2. i absolutely love it!

i opened it straight away in the car and as i looked at all those discs, i said to MOH, ‘i think i’m going to faint. sex and the city overload.’ he rolled his eyes hehehe…. but seriously… look at them! beautiful!!!



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