light vs heavy car

i drove MOH’s car all week last week because some lights on my car were busted and need changing.

MOH’s car is big and heavy, mine is small and light.

on monday, my car was ready to be driven again. i drove it to work and it felt so weird driving a light car after a week of heavy car. i keep going over the speed limit because i put my foot down too much. with MOH’s car, i had to really accelerate the car whenever the road was going up a bit otherwise it would loose a lot of speed. i guess it’s became kind of a habit to try to accelerate the car by putting my foot down a bit more.

good thing i check my speed limit quite often because i now drive 80 on 70 zone and 85 on 80 zone. everytime i check my speedo and see my speed, i go a bit ‘aaaah too fast’ and took my foot off the pedal. the poor people behind me must be so annoyed by my driving, up and down with the speed… 🙂


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