yesterday, MOH’s mother and her partner came over. they all had coffee and MOH poured milk into his mother’s cup of coffee. straight from the carton. without checking if the milk was still ok or not. turned out the milk has gone sour. a blob of thick, smelly milk went into the hot coffee. it stank!

so we got her a new cup of coffee and i drained the bad milk down the drain. i rinsed the carton and put it next to the sink to let all the water drain out.

this morning, i rinsed it once again and after it dried up, put the carton in the recycle basket. i washed my hands then took something for brekkie and sat on the couch. as i was bringing the food to my mouth, i could smell the sour smell of the bad milk on my fingers. it was bad. i had to go and washed my hands with plenty of soap with warm water for a long, long time.

the bad smell is still hanging around the house. it’s very gross and unpleasant.


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