oh…. my….

i couldn’t find my wallet. holy cow…

i usually put my wallet (driver’s license, cash and bankcard inside) in the car. stupid, i know. but this is norway and they all say it’s safe here, so there.

anyway. i looked for it as i was heating the car before i went to work tonight because i always make sure i have my license when i drive. i couldn’t find it anywhere. i checked absolutely everywhere. under the front seats, on the back seat, the door pocket thingy, the dashboard, the little gap under the stereo. it was nowhere to be found. i thought, i must’ve taken it to the house but i didn’t want to go up to the house and check because i was running late. it was after midnight, what are the chances of some coppers checking people’s license at that time.

i had a bad day at work. super busy and not enough people so i was rushing around like mad. so typical, i got placed at the busiest section.

so i didn’t really think about it while at work because there was no time. after work, as i heated the car, i looked for my wallet again. still couldn’t find it. i thought i’d just drive home, in case it really was at home.

got home, went around the house looking for it. still nothing. began to panic, soooo close to tears.

time to trace back my steps.

the last time i saw my wallet was when i was at the shop. i remember holding it in my left hand together with my keys. or… maybe not. i knew i put it in my left pocket. but i did take it out and held it because i remember thinking i had too many things in both hands.

got to the car, dumped the grocery at the back seat. so i might have chucked my wallet there too. but no matter how hard i looked i couldn’t find it around that area. i even cleaned the back seat looking for it.

what if i didn’t take it out of my pocket? then it might’ve fell when i went out of the car to push some shopping cart out of the way (it was very windy and there was some shopping carts that’s been blown to the middle of the shop’s parking lot so i had to got out of the car and moved it aside). but i didn’t remember seeing my wallet as i walked back to the car. though it was kinda dark…

one last check inside the car.
first the right front seat. nothing.
the right back seat. nothing.
the left back seat. still nothing.
the left front seat (driver’s seat). nothing
checked under the seat again. nothing.
pushed back the driver’s seat, still nothing.
right… so i really have lost it. shoot!

then i looked to the passenger seat and this little colourful thing next to my right foot caught my eye. my… wallet.


it is now 6.30 and i’m wide awake from the anxiety. waiting for MOH to wake up to tell him all about it. he’s probably going to say ‘serves you right for being so careless with your wallet’ or something along that line. 😦


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