i don’t get it

dtg kerja tadi langsung dipanggil ke kantor sama tim leader yg lagi tugas (ada 3 tim leaders, kerjanya ganti2 shift). straight away i thought, habis salah apa diriku sampe dipanggil ke kantor.

tim leader: i heard that someone was rude to you at night shift.

me: huh?

tim leader: somebody reported that they heard someone being rude to you at night shift.

me: huh? (dalam hati, what the heck is he talking about)

tim leader: if anybody say something impolite to you don’t take it seriously. we think you work very well and if anybody say otherwise just ignore it.

me: um, ok.

tim leader: and if it happens again in the future, if somebody says or does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, come and talk to me.

me: ok. thank you.

got home, talked to MOH about it. tried to remember if anybody has said anything mean to me at night shift but cannot for the life of me remember any incident.

went on night shift. about an hour before the shift finished, the team leader on duty (another one) came to me.

tim leader 2: somebody reported to me that someone has been unkind to you when you were at night shift.

me: xxx (tim leader 1) have talked to me about it earlier and i have been thinking about it since but i can’t remember anything.

tim leader 2: you can’t remember anybody being rude to you?

me: no.

tim leader 2: well, everybody should be nice and help each other here. if you feel someone’s being rude to you, you can report it to me.

me: of course.

i still don’t know what they’re talking about. how is it possible that someone has been rude to me and i don’t remember? it must”ve been pretty bad if someone actually stood up for me and reported it to the higher people.

just last week i said to MOH how much i enjoyed working night shifts. i really do. it’s because i like the people i work with, they’re all so nice and friendly and always ready to help and answer my questions. of course, there are people who are short-tempered or less friendlier than the rest of the group but i don’t get them get to me.

i am dying to know who’s been looking after me and reported it and who they thought were rude to me. i wonder if the team leaders would tell me if i asked them. because i don’t get it and i just wanna know. i.. want… to… know!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. christy
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 14:29:38

    penasaran nih yee.. hahahha

    salah orang ki mungkin itu teal leaders, salah panggil orang.. haaa..


  2. 1980chandra
    Nov 10, 2007 @ 06:53:49

    waktu terjadi pertama itu kupikir mistaken identity ini orang mungkin. tp sekalinya diajak bicara sama tim leader yg lain berarti itu laporan sudah dibicarakan sesama tim leader.

    apa dong…. APA!!!!!!!! kastau ka…


  3. christy
    Nov 10, 2007 @ 12:43:56

    november fool.. hehehhe.. bukan april fool lagi.. *di norway nda mengenal april fool bede* bahhahaha..

    mistaken identity yg menyebar kalii.. aa.. sabar2.. besok dipanggil lagi itu, trus tim leader bilang mistaken identity.. haha.. aduh lapar,,


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