my wake-up call.

i went to bed around 9.30 in the morning yesterday and woke up around 3.30 in the afternoon. MOH was in the shower, i was walking around aimlessly with my sleepy face and the door bell rang. crap…

i asked him if he was expecting someone. apparently, it was a mutual friend of ours (i knew him through his partner who were in my norwegian class and MOH knew him because he was a customer at MOH’s old workplace) who was coming to pick up a cd. MOH said the cd is on top of some paper in the office and told me to give it to him. i ran around the bathroom looking for some clothes because i was in my sleep uniform: a very old tank top and undies.

by the time the door bell rang again, i was still putting on clothes. MOH said, ‘open the door! he’s not gonna care that you haven’t got your bra on. he’s gay.’

i said, ‘i know he’s gay but i am not going to open the front door without my bra on. that’s indecent!’

he must’ve stood there for five minutes waiting for someone to come to the door. when i opened it, he said, ‘what. you guys were having sex huh.’ oh ha-ha… very funny.

what a wake-up call. i had to open the door before i even washed my face, brushed my teeth or even put my lenses on!


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