diamonds are a girl’s best friend

i’ve been browsing tiffany & co.’s website and maaaaan…. they have such pretty things (i also checked out de beers but i don’t think i can ever afford their big, big, biiiig rocks so moving right along….).

i spent hours looking at their engagement rings and there are two that i quite like. and i’m going to get one of them. just not today. or tomorrow. or the day after that 🙂

i’m thinking…
either i save up and treat myself for my 30th birthday
or i ask MOH to buy it for me for our 5th wedding anniversary.

in theory, i can afford the ring i really want with my one month salary but then i won’t have much left to have fun the rest of the month. the reason i want to buy it for myself is because i know i will feel so good about myself. in the i-don’t-need-a-man-to-buy-me-big-diamond-ring way. just being proud for being able to buy something really nice with the money i earned myself.

but in a way i also want MOH to buy it for me because i don’t have an engagement ring (we actually bought a pair of plain bands in silver about five months after we started dating and he sometimes call them our engagement rings but they really aren’t, are they?) and it would be nice to receive something super nice from the man you’re married to.

either way, i’m going to buy one of those beautiful platinum rings; one with a (reasonably) big rock. just you watch me…


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