i saw an accident

i saw an accident today.

a small, light accident but it freaked me out completely.

i don’t ever feel 100% safe when i drive because even though i know i’m a careful driver (by ‘careful’ i mean i drive slooooow), there are other people using the road. crazy people.

today, getting out on the roundabout right before work, i saw this dark-coloured car kinda went off the ground, moved in a funny way and then stopped dead in a weird angle. i thought he went off the road and hit the pedestrian walking area thingy. i wondered if the road was slippery there. i was about 7 metres  from the commotion when it happened.

as i get closer i saw that there was a red car behind that dark car and the driver side of it was smashed. the light was broken (that’s why i thought the dark car just went off the road, the red car wasn’t really visible because it was already dark outside).

as i passed them and turned to the small way to work’s parking area, i started to wonder if the driver of the red car was okay. i mean, it was the driver side that was hit. then i thought, for sure everybody was okay, it was the front part of the car (the engine part) that got most of the blow.

i know it’s so silly to get worked out over it but i can’t help myself. i keep thinking, it could’ve been me. i could’ve been out to the corner shop to get milk and got hit by another car. or on my way to work. or on my way to the mall. or on my way to the city. anytime. anywhere. just like that.

i can’t stop thinking about it and everytime i think about it, i go ‘buagaaaaaang, buagaaaaaaaang!!!!!’

i wish i never saw it happened. if i left the house three minutes earlier or later, i wouldn’t have seen it.



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