how does it taste?


remember the whole discussion we had about dog/cat food on your blog? two crazy buggers ate fatbelle’s food at my home yesterday.

MOH and his brother were going out yesterday but it wasn’t until almost midnight so before that they were just hanging around at our place.

i gave baileys her treat (expensive wet food that comes in individual little bags) and MOH teased her while she ate.

me: leave her alone. and don’t get so close to the food. the smell is so strong.

 MOH: but it smells really good.

me: i know it smells good. but still, it’s cat food.

MOH: (to his brother) you’ve eaten dog food before.

me: what???

MOH: (picked up the bag of dry food, took two little pieces out, one for his brother and one for himself)

me: no! no, you crazy people. no!!!

but did they listen to me? course not. both popped in the dried food into their mouth, crunched them and swallowed. i went ‘ick ick ick’ all the way. i mean, the dry food doesn’t exactly smell that nice. and they were all, ‘it was okay’. crazy buggers.

a while later, MOH took one piece of the girls’ favourite dry food, the chicken and rice flavour (who comes up with this flavour? cats like fish, bird and mouse. why do they have cat food with chicken and rice flavour?). brother-in-law ate it and said it wasn’t nice. then he added, ‘the first one was nice though.’ once again, crazy bugger.

so christy, if one day you’re crazy enough to try out some cat food: tuna flavour – thumbs up, chicken and rice flavour – thumbs down.


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  1. mezzosopranogagal
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 07:21:03


    well.. tengkiu infonya. ngomong2, kita nda bisa salahkan orang yg mo makan makanan kucing ato anjing. BAUNYA SUNGGUH MENGGIURKAN!!! hahaha bela diri sendiri.. hihihi.

    oh tuna cat food!


  2. 1980chandra
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 15:35:01

    tergiur sih tergiur tp biarpun saya tiap minggu dua kali kasih mereka makanan yang baunya betul2 kalahkan makanannya kita saya nda bakal makan deh. bagaimanapun itu kan… makanan kucing!!!!!

    yg baunya paling enak makanannya baileys yang kepiting sama ikan. kepiting! suer dia makanannya lebih mewah dari kita!


  3. mezzosopranogagal
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 16:02:09

    huhh!!! jadi iri sama kucing..


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