i heart baileys

yesterday morning after MOH got up, i stayed in bed for a few extra minutes. i called baileys who were sleeping in the living room and she came into the bedroom. she hopped into the bed and asked for some cuddling. so i cuddled her for a few minutes before she did her usual standing-on-my-arms business. after a couple of minutes (and some fresh scratches later), she started sniffling the doona right next to my head. i was all, ‘what are you smelling, belle?’ (yes, i have conversation with my girls) when she began to lick my arm. my arm. she has never licked my arm. sometimes she licks our fingers but never arm. so she licked and licked and licked (she’s really becoming more and more like a dog). finished with that, she walked up to my belly, closed her eyes and sat there.

i feel so loved when she’s being super affectionate like that. like when she follows me all around the house or insist on sitting on top of the doona when i’m under it. having pets is brilliant. highly recommend it!


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