i need a new car

oh. my. god. oh. my. god.

i gotta get me a new car with an ABS by next winter.

driving without ABS in norway during winter is too dangerous.

on monday, i had to break suddenly twice, both while i was going downhill. i could hear my tyres on the ice (the road was completely covered in ice) and it wouldn’t slow down. MOH was on the car with me both times so even though i was scared, it wasn’t that bad.

he then gave me a short lesson on how to slow down properly, going downhill on icy roads.

today, when i went to work, the snow on the road was still hard. unfortunately, the temperature went up during the night and the snow melt a bit. but it wasn’t high enough to completely get rid of the snow. now we have watery ice on the road and it’s pretty difficult to drive on.

as i went down this big, curvy hill right around the corner from our place, my car went completely crazy. i couldn’t control it because the road was so slippery. it was almost impossible to stop it completely and when i tried to make a left turn, it just went straight. i normally use 15 seconds max to get around that corner. today, i took around a minute. it was one of the most terrifying minutes of my life. being alone in a car that was slipping down a hill uncontrollably was a bit too much for my nerve.

by the time i parked my car on my parking spot, i was shaking like crazy. i’m still shaking now. bloody hell. i was scared out of my mind. 


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