feeling a bit guilty

i buy my face care and make-up products online because it’s cheaper to do so than to buy it at the shops here. problem is, in norway, you have to pay some sort of tax for goods you buy from overseas. that sucks because they can be as high as 40 per cent of the price of the goods.

MOH told me that if i keep the purchase under certain price, i won’t have to pay so now i order whatever i want one by one. before, if i wanted to buy five items, i bought them at once as one order so they got sent in one package. last time i bought my face care stuffs, i bought three items but ordered them one by one so they were sent as three packages. i didn’t have to pay anything extra when i picked them up from the post office, which is great, but when i got home, i realised that each boxes contained only one small thing inside and it was such a waste.

we’re pretty good at handling our rubbish at our home; we recycle those that can be recycled, including paper. but still, it seems such a waste.

so i wondered, should i keep ordering things one item at a time to save (a significant amount of) money or should i order them in bulk and pay the tax so to not cause such waste?

i thought about it for quite some time and came to a decision. right now, i can’t afford paying that ridiculous amount of money just to wash my face. so for the time being, i will continue ordering them one by one. in the future, when i have the money, i shall stop doing it this way.

hey, at least i recycle, right???

still, can’t help but feeling a bit bad about it.


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