it’s mother’s day today in norway. we just went to buy a flower bouquet for MOH’s mother a shop that specialises in plants and there were so many people there. seems like everybody and their granny were buying flowers for their mum.

i said to MOH before we picked flowers that i didn’t like roses (too common), especially red roses. then we went to the counter to ask for the lady to make a bouquet for us and she made one of red and orange roses. good thing it’s not for me. i hope MIL likes red roses.


(she’s pretty bad at bouquet, this chick at the shop, don’t you think? what’s up with the plain roses bouquet? no combination whatsoever. how boring.) 

i think it’s sweet that people make such an effort on mother’s day here. in indo, nobody really celebrates mother’s day. nobody makes a fuss. and we should all make a fuss when it comes to our mum, shouldn’t we?


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