why? i’ll tell you why

MOH complained about having to call some customers again and again because they didn’t pick up their phone. he went, ‘bla bla bla not picking up their phone bla bla bla bla bla what’s their problem bla bla bla bla what’s the point of having a phone if you’re not going to pick it up bla bla bla bla just like you. why don’t you answer your mobile when it’s unknown number?’

well, there are a few reasons but the main one is, telemarketers. i. hate. them. when i lived in brisbane, i got a lot of those calls. at the beginning i was very nice; ‘i’m not interested, thanks’, ‘i’m kinda busy right now’.

at the end i got so sick of them, i got pretty creative. from the kinda ok, ‘i can’t really talk right now. can you call back in five minutes?’ (obviously when the phone rang in five minutes time i wouldn’t pick up) to the downright mean ‘can you hold on a sec’ said in a very hurried tone followed by me putting the receiver down on the table until they hung up.

now i just can’t be bothered. and as i said to MOH, if it was a friend who had something important to say to me, they could send me an sms. if it was a company who had genuine business with me, they could send me a letter.

he went on and on and on about people ‘like me’; complaining and complaining and complaining.

the next day, i got a call from an unknown number. i was going to ignore it but i heard MOH’s voice in my head telling me to pick it up so i did.

man: bla bla bla (introducing himself). bla bla bla… your young children.

me: young children?

man: there are no young children living in your house?

me: no.

man: oh, ok. sorry to have wasted your time.

me: that’s ok.

man: have a nice day.

me: (didn’t say anything, just hung up)

that is why i don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers.

ps. no offense to telemarketers. it’s nothing personal.


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