lost and found

i’ve been complaining a lot about how much snow we’ve had lately. monday and tuesday were bad; it snowed more than 5cm. how much is that? well, picture this.

monday 1am i left for work. my car was covered in snow so i had to clean it. i had to walk around it to clean it completely. it took me almost 10 minutes.

i got to work and realised that the card i used to register my time was gone. the last time i saw it was right before i left the house; it was hanging on my left jeans pocket. i couldn’t find it at work nor in the car. i thought i must’ve dropped it while i was cleaning my car.

when i got home after work, i checked the area where i parked my car before to see if my card was there somewhere but couldn’t find it. it wasn’t at home either. weird.

the next day i got a new card at work.

wednesday it stopped snowing. it was quite windy and rained a bit. i had to go to the post office to pick up some packages and as i was getting into the car i saw my card on the ground. it’s been there since monday night, buried under all that snow.  

i’m telling you, it snowed a LOT!


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