house hunting

the thought of having a huge mortgage scares the crap of me. but the thought of getting our own place makes me all warm inside.

ever since we’ve decided to get our own place (that was early 2007), we’ve been checking out properties on market. we were told last year that it wasn’t a good time to buy and that we should wait a year or two because house prices would definitely go down by then. one year on, we are still looking.

there is absolutely nothing for us. it’s quite frustrating. why is there nothing on the market that:

  • is within our price range
  • is located around the area we like
  • is of adequate size
  • is not completely ugly
  • has decent bathroom
  • doesn’t need further renovation

MOH has been to two properties so far but he came back disappointed both times. there’s another one we’re going to see next week.

yes, i know, we’ll find the right one when the time is right.,but every now and then (like last week, when it snowed like crazy and we had to park our cars all the way at the church parking lot because we haven’t got a proper parking space from our landlord and have to park on the street) i really wish we had our own place. with a proper parking lot. a lock-in garage, if possible.

come on people, put your place on the market for us!!!


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