nh 10 makeover, pt 2

we went to pick up brochures on home renovating earlier today. we now have a stack of them in on the living room table (about 10cm high).

i’m having so much fun looking at pictures of pretty pictures of bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. and the shop….. it was heaven on earth. samples of parquet and laminate flooring. big fireplaces. many, many, maaaany wallpapers. colour charts. a showroom kinda area where they have models of different kitchens. the kitchens… they were so beautiful. i told MOH he should just go home and leave me there, i wanted to spend the night there just looking at the kitchens.

i have studied pictures of houses in magazines and catalogues for as long as i can remember. i’ve even bought books on home decorating. i looooove all those tv shows on room makeover. i’ve always wanted to do it myself but it was never a possibility since i’ve been renting up to now. this is my first chance to do something to my place. i’m going to make this apartment soooo pretty. and i’m going to have lots of fun doing it. i think i have missed my calling in life 🙂


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