it was a good day

today’s been a good day.

it began with waking up at 10am to listen to the lions playing. they won.

then MOH and i drove to the city. he went to his friend’s place for some beer, i went to my friend’s place for some cake. i haven’t met this friend in almost a year so it was good catching up. her two girls have grown so much since the last time i saw them. the big one wasn’t even talking back then, now she can carry on conversations with adults. she’s also running around the house wearing polka-dots red shoes with heels. it’s the cutest thing. the little one was a couple of months old last time i saw her, she now crawls like a pro.

then we drove home for dinner. i made chocolate cake then rushed around like crazy to make two sets of dinner. i made moussaka for MOH and her step-sis who were coming over for a visit, and salt and pepper fish for myself. she saw me going crazy in the kitchen and said, ‘look at you, cooking and baking like a proper housewife.’ 😀

dinner was lovely; good company, good food. then we sat in the living room for dessert and watched indiana jones on tv (this was some kinda torture for me because i hate indiana jones).

i love days like this. days when you don’t have to worry about work and just relax with friends and family. they’re the best.


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