who’s coming? the prince and princess?

me: i’m going to have a shower then make dinner. clean yourself before dinner. have a shower, wash your hair, brush your teeth, put on clean clothes.

MOH: why? who’s coming to dinner? the prince and princess?

me: absolutely not. they’re not welcome in my house.

MOH: why:

me: because they’re useless. they don’t work and they got paid for that.

MOH: (mumbled something and went to the other room, away from me)

i don’t understand monarchy. i mean, what are they getting paid for? they got paid big money and have all this palaces and they do nothing. as far as i’m concerned, all they do is dress up, put on their tiaras and attend other royals’ weddings or royal kids baptisms. then they take their holidays in their holiday palaces. and they visit other country’s monarch and stay at another palace. yes, most of them are involved in charities but if i was a member of a royal family with nothing to do but make public apperances and get paid for being the king/queen/crown prince/crown princess/prince/princess/duke/countess bla bla bla, heck i’d be doing nothing but charities too. what with no day job and clear duties and bucketloads of cash.

MOH, on the other hand, believes in monarchy. he reckons it’s important. i don’t know why, we had this discussion when the crown prince of denmark married that australian woman, years ago. i think he said something about representing the country and being part of the country’s identity or history. uh huh…

as i said to MOH, sure there are a number (please notice i didn’t say all) of incompetent, corrupt, idiotic, overpaid politicians but at least they have to do a bit of work. or if not, at least they earn their pay by being hated by people.

i don’t hate monarchy, i just don’t get it. but i did watch the live telecast when the danish crown prince got married. i wanted to check out the wedding gown hehehe… and he’s kinda cute 😛

i guess it’s different when you grew up in country with monarchy. maybe it does make them part of your history.


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