it was supposed to be a one-day job involving stripping off the whatever fake wood flooring the previous owners had and putting on our parkett flooring.

turned out they did a crappy job with the flooring and now we have a room with nothing but cement (no isolation etc. etc.) and a room that needs a new layer or whatever it is before we can put our beautiful new wood flooring.

i don’t even know what i’m talking, i don’t know the terms and name of materials in english, i only know them in norwegian, so i’m probably not making any sense. the only thing i know for sure is this simple, easy, cheap job has blown out to be a super complicated, three-nights, extremely expensive thing.

i’m kinda pissed we can’t go back to the old owners and complain. this, people, is why renting is much simpler.

i need my next pay. and my holiday money. and my tax money. like, right now! as MOH said, ‘it’s going to be a big, fat paycheck.’ to which i responded, ‘we’ll have a bigger, fatter spending.’

petrol price, 02/06:

  • petrol – 12.97NOK
  • diesel – 13.2?NOK

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