afl 2008, round 13

lions won against crows. that’s not so shabby, considering the crows was sitting pretty at number five and they’ve been pretty good this season.

it was a really good game. lions weren’t leading all the way but they hung on to the crows all the way through. it was tight. coming into the last quarter, i wasn’t sure what to expect but lions went crazy and kicked three goals in the first three minutes and i thought we might win this game after all.

lions won by 13 points. no injuries, no reports.

top 8: cats, bulldogs, hawks, swans, crows, lions, magpies, kangaroos.

ps. cats completely slaughtered eagles. they won by 135 points. ouch. that hurts.

pps. wimbledon starts today. i can watch live on tv! yaaaaaay…


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