i’m a cat person

i want more cats. two or three. even one will be awesome. everytime i mention that to MOH, he says, ‘NO’.

MOH wants a dog. just one. everytime he mentions it to me, i say ‘NO’.

i think dogs are high maintenance kinda pets. cats are the exact opposite.

here’s a list i’ve compiled on why cats rule:

  • they can walk themselves. you don’t need to walk with them.
  • they can entertain themselves.
  • they can go outside without supervision (if you live in a quiet place like we do).
  • they can go to the toilet themselves.
  • they don’t smell.
  • their breath don’t smell.
  • they don’t lick your face.
  • they can portion their food themselves. you can fill up their food bowls too much and they won’t go crazy on it.
  • they don’t sniff you.
  • they don’t bark.
  • they don’t slobber all over the place.
  • they won’t let you treat them like you’re their boss. you learn to respect them.
  • they have their own lives outside the house.
  • they can play with the simplest things like a roll of toilet paper or a piece of string and entertain you for a long time.
  • they’re the perfect size; you can pick them up and hold them to your face.
  • they’re just soooooo pretty.

problem is, MOH really don’t want to have more cats. that day we had the housewarming party, everybody, including him, got pretty drunk, and even then he still said no to more cats. we were watching these cute little kittens playing on our lawn (they’re our downstairs neighbour’s) and he kept saying no no no.

whatever. at least i already have two. i’m not going to let him get a dog.

that being said… if we were to get a dog… which is never going to happen, btw… i think basset hounds are the cutest dogs ever. you know, the hush puppies dog. i mean, look at them. super short legs, long body, long ears, and cute sleepy eyes. what else do you want from a dog?

i kinda like beagles too. it’s from all those times waiting for my luggages at the brisbane airports, i tell you. they’re always there with the customs people, sniffing you and your luggages. always friendly, they never refused a pet. they’re very, very good looking.

but no, i don’t want to get a dog. no no no.


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