parrot lost, parrot found

a couple of days ago i read the newspaper during break at work. nothing interesting to read until i came across this picture of one of the most adorable parrots i’ve ever seen. it was a beautiful shade of gray with some white and brilliant red on it. apparently, someone found it and didn’t know who it belong to.

oh, i thought to myself, that’s so sad. the owner must be missing it like crazy.

turned over the page. aaaah, my favourite part of the newspaper. the short ads. got to the missing/found section and wouldn’t you know it, someone’s put an ad looking for their parrot. read the description and thought, that sounds so familiar. so i went back to the picture and compared it to the description on the ad and i swear to you, they must be talking about the same parrot. even the location the parrot was lost/found was the same.

i sure hope both the owner of the parrot and the person who found the parrot read this newspaper. or someone who knows them anyway. i mean, it’s just a matter of turning the page over. i hope they get re-united because, as i’m sure every pet owners knows, pets are part of the family and the thought of not knowing what’s happened to them when they go missing must be unbearable.

(tok tok tok on the table. buagaaaaaang, buagaaaang)


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  1. the writer
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 08:19:12

    Oh, that’s amazing! I am sure the owner must have noticed it because he/she would look at any ads in the newspaper like crazy. Just like when I lost Vic, one of my two budgies.

    I was crying four days straight (I remember I had told you this)and was worried sick about the cold and cats outside but I got him back. It was a miracle!

    Parrots are wonderful things. But they sure bite harder than small budgies LOL


  2. 1980chandra
    Aug 22, 2008 @ 17:44:06

    i always look at the lost/found ads and i get so sad when people are looking for their pets. i actually saw one recently that said ‘if you’ve ran over her or seen her on the side of the road, just tell us. we won’t get angry. we just need to know because we miss her so much’. that is heartbreaking.

    i can only imagine what you went through. so good that he’s back with you, safe and sound 🙂


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