one of my weirdest dreams ever

i dreamt that my sister, who is 20 and a uni student, was pregnant. except that in my dream she was 16. and i didn’t just dream she was pregnant, i dreamt of her giving birth. seriously. how creepy was that?

so the dream started at some waiting room at a hospital. my mum was there with me and at least two aunts. my sister was in her room, resting. there was a discussion going on about how my baby sister was having a baby. unmarried and all that. and then there was a talk about her boyfriend. he happened to be the same boyfriend she has in real life, the one she’s been with since high school.

and everybody was all upset that she got pregnant so young. the whole baby-having-a-baby thing. was it her fault? the boyfriend fault? my parents’ fault because they gave her too much freedom and gave her a car at such young age? (in real life, she got her own car only after she moved to jakarta to study at a uni there. for convenience’s sake. yeah, yeah… we’re a spoilt bunch.)

then it actually progressed as far as the big family waiting for her outside the birthing room. she was in labour. the boyfriend’s parents were there. my cousins were there. my mum was in the room with her, my dad in the waiting room with me. my grandmother was on the phone with my mum. aunties and uncles were there. the door to the birthing room was actually open and my sis was all smiling and laughing and telling the girls (me and cousins) to come in and keep her company.

then obviously things got more serious and she was in too much pain. they moved her to another room and my mum was the only one who went into that room with her. the door was closed. a cousin came to me and said that my grandma (not sure which one) just called my mum to asked how things were and actually thought it was me who was having a baby, not my sis.

the bf disappeared at that point. he went looking for some food. panic ensued. we (me and cousins) were running around the hospital looking for him. we went to all places nearby the hospital that sold food and told the people there that if a guy called x (i don’t remember his name in my dream. the face is the same with the real life bf but the name is different. it started with a j but i can’t remember the full name) with such and such description came to the shop, tell him that the baby was coming and that he had to go back to the hospital asap. 

then we went back to the hospital.

after a while, the discussion went from how tragic it was that my super young, unwed sister was having a baby to me, the grown up, married older sister not having one.

i remember calling my close friend who came to comfort me (in real life, she lives in surabaya. but why would my sister be giving birth there? and why would the big family be in sby?) i was upset because well, obviously because my little sis was having a baby at such young age. and that she was in a lot of pain. and that because everybody was being so stupid by talking about my not having kids during all this.

anyways… the baby arrived. everything was okay with mum and baby. my mum came out from the birthing room and, dragging me away from everybody, said, ‘we’ll get you pregnant’. umm, alright then.


now, i usually remember my dream pretty well and i’ve had some weird dreams but this one takes the cake. i remember so much details: the rooms, the people, the converstions. funnily enough, i don’t remember the sex of the baby. hmmm…


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  1. the writer
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 19:06:46

    you know I know an American girl in Norway who kept dreaming about baby and pregnancy and soon she got pregnant herself. Talking about coincidence *gasp*


  2. christy
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 19:35:19

    wow.. mimpi aneh

    uhh.. tentang “persaingan” dalam keluarga.. se juga alami. damn. grandmaku selalu tanya sama sepupuku, “mana mi pacarmu?” dan dia selalu mengelak, “cece christy belum ada pi.. dia kan yg paling tua. dia yg harusnya duluan.” and i always like “what-the-heck?!”

    so what kalo se lebih tua? grrr..

    aneh2 saja =)


  3. Soe
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 21:16:11

    Ppl said that dreaming about baby is a good sign, it’s a new beginning or sumthing like that 🙂


  4. 1980chandra
    Sep 05, 2008 @ 06:37:34

    t w – goodness. maybe it’s like a hint from The Big Man Upstairs hehehe

    c – io kodong selalu begitu di sana. baru saya termasuk yg ‘tua’ di keluarga, adek sepupuku satu gudang. tp sy jg suka pake begitu sebenarnya hahaha. pake temanku tapi. ‘kenapa ko nda mau punya anak cepat?’, mace tanya. se jawab, ‘ah, itu jg si x merit nda beda jauh dari saya tp blm ada tong ji anaknya’ hahaha. apapun yg bisa membantu saya dihalalkan 😀

    s – cool. new beginning dlm hal apa ya kira2? maybe i’ll get proper job. or we’ll start thinking about moving somewhere else muahaha


  5. christy
    Sep 05, 2008 @ 08:00:03


    -numpang ketawa-


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