the people i work with

i’m having a little problem with my left shoulder. it’s all achey and stiff and i can’t turn my head to the left. i also have difficulty lifting my left arm too high.

yeah… this whole working night shift for five weeks in a row has finally taken its toll on my body.

night to tuesday, i was walking around at work like somebody who had lost a penny and was looking for it i.e. with my head faced down because i couldn’t lift my head up.

a workmate asked me what was wrong. then we had this little chat about me working too much lately and not taking care of myself.

and then we worked. my workplace is pretty chaotic at night. we work on a deadline so there usually isn’t any time to have conversation until after 4am.

after our little break at 4am, she told the team leader’s assistant (the team leader doesn’t work night to tuesday) that i had a problem with my shoulder. the team leader’s assistant asked if i could work. i said i was fine.

because there was so little to do after 4, this workmate came to me and asked me exactly where it hurt. i said i couldn’t really tell, it was just uncomfortable on my left side. she then proceeded to give me a  little massage and she hit a point that made me went ‘aaaah!’ and slid down the chair i was sitting on.

she said it was right under my shoulder blade and that she’s had the same problem before and we got it because the way we work. she told me i had to take better care of myself and that it was ok to take a day off work. she offered her jumper for me to wear because it has something that can warm up the shoulder. and she told me to get a note from the team leader so i could get an appointment with the physio. before she went to do her work, she said that she was so worried about me.

we finished quite early and with nothing much to do, i had a chat with another workmate. i told her about how earlier today i took forever to reverse my car because you kinda need to be able to turn your head around to be able to reverse park and i couldn’t. i had to twist my whole upper body around just to see left and right.

after work, we walked to the carpark together. she went to her car then turned around to me and said she’d help me reverse. so i got into my car, rolled the window down and listened to her telling me where to go.

night to wednesday, i was feeling better but was still stiff. i still couldn’t stretch so when i wanted to put things down or had to reach for something low, i had to lower my whole body, not just reach out with my hands.

right before 4, my team leader came to me and asked me how i was. she then sent me home. i got sent home! like a naughty kid got sent home from school hahaha… she said there were so many of us at work anyway and not much left to do so i might as well just go home and rest.

people yelled out to me as i was leaving. everything from ‘get well’, ‘have a good rest’, ‘get better for us’, to ‘go to the physio!’

so yes, i know i complain a lot about norwegians and how they’re so against immigrants but i think i’ve been too harsh on them. i think that while they’re not big on the idea of immigrants in general, once they get to know the individuals they’re fine with us. then they get to see us as actual people and stop labelling us as immigrants.

or something like that.

whatever. what i’m trying to say is that the people i work with are awesome.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. the writer
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 16:22:12

    what kind of work is that? sounds very dangerous *shudders*


  2. the writer
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 16:22:35

    ……and forgot to say: hope you and your shoulder will get better


  3. soelitaire
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 20:26:54

    Slapp av jenta mi.. og god bedring.
    Ta vare på deg selv, okei ? 🙂


  4. 1980chandra
    Sep 18, 2008 @ 08:19:13

    t w – thanks. it’s much better now.
    i work at the post hahaha. nothing dangerous there but it’s repetitive so it can really get to your body.

    s – takk, takk. det skal jeg.
    jeg er mye bedre nå thanks to my trusted tiger balm 😉


  5. christy
    Sep 18, 2008 @ 09:48:47

    hey mbak TKI XDDDD -oh how i love teasing ppl-

    did you mention “tiger balm”? omg.. adakah jual di sana?


  6. 1980chandra
    Sep 18, 2008 @ 11:01:21

    huahahaha mmg serasa tki mi kodong saya di sini 😦

    minyak macanku tercinta dibawa dari indonesia 😀 dan kl mace kirim barang pasti titip lagi. tp bosku yg di sini jg tau lho minyak macan. dia blg pake itu, bagus. artinya di sini harusnya ada.

    mmg itu tiger balm, paling oke.


  7. christy
    Sep 20, 2008 @ 02:35:26

    hahhaha. baguslah kalo tokcer.

    se kalo pake tiger balm jadi ngeri sendiri. hihi. mungkin saking pedisnya XD in indo, pedis = ampuh. hahhaha. so weird


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