my sunday night entertainment

i am bored. home alone on the weekend and nothing interesting on tv. so i’ve turned to my trusty youtube.

darren hayes.

aaaahhhh…. darren hayes.

i love darren hayes. he’s such an awesome singer and after seeing clips of his interviews with rove (aaaah… rove. i love rove. i get to see rove and darren hayes together, i’m a happy girl), he seems to be a cool person too.

what i love about darren hayes is he’s a good live singer. you know how some singers sound so good on the record and then you hear them sing live and horror of all horror, they sound nothing like the record and they make you want to scream ‘stop, you’re ruining the song’ or worst of all, lypsinc? darren is nothing of the sort.

this video really does show how good he is. just a guitar and him. sounds like the guy on the record but you know it’s live. i suggest you not to look at the video though because it can give you motion sickness. he’s singing ‘truly madly deeply’, a song i absolutely love.

and here he is singing ‘to the moon and back’. another live performance, this time with a keyboard accompanying him (that is a keyboard, right?)  again, he’s singing live but it is just as beutiful as the record, if not even more.

just have to post this. it’s a bloody funny clip. maaaan, i miss rove. such a funny man. and very cute in a little boy kinda way. anyway. it’s pretty funny throughout but watch the beginning if nothing else. hilarious.

another one with rove. because i love rove. and darren. and we get to see darren’s man. if i was married to darren hayes, i’d make him serenade me every day. every single day. oooh… lucky guy who gets to be married to darren. this one funny throughout too but gets funnier towards the end.

and to end it all (only because i have to go make dinner), darren hayes and luciano pavarotti singing ‘o sole mio’. i wonder if darren was looking at a tele prompter while he sang… anyhow. i don’t sing (well, i kinda do but only when no one is around) and know nothing about singing and the singing techniques but i think this clip shows how good darren is with the controlling his pitch. i think. whatever. oh and don’t go comparing him with pavarotti. pavarotti is… well, pavarotti is pavarotti.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Soe
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 10:06:49

    I like truly madly too, and the animal song 🙂
    Btw,is he doing solo now? maklumlah uda lama gak ngikutin perkembangan he2..


  2. 1980chandra
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 17:52:13

    truly madly deeply itu bener2 sweeeeeet bgt.
    he’s been going solo for quite some time now. udah tiga album solo kayaknya.


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