i don’t like car mechanics

  1. there is a funny noise from under the bonnet.
  2. i can’t drive up a hill doing more than 40k/h.
  3. it shakes like crazy when i take my foot off the gas.
  4. it takes me ages to pick up speed.

MOH called them on friday and they said to come over so they could check the car out. said it wouldn’t take long, i could probably wait while they do whatever it was they had to do.

it’s a bloody good thing i went there with MOH’s mum because turned out my car had to stay there until tomorrow.


i actually told MOH not to call his mum because it wasn’t her problem but he did anyway. then she offered to come with me because she knows the person who owns the garage we’re using. sooo glad she came with me because she could give me a lift home.

these car mechanics. i’m sorry, i don’t mean to offend any car mechanic or anybody who personally knows a car mechanic, but MOH and i have always had a problem with them. our cars always came out worse than when they went in. to think that this time i only took the car to the garage because MOH thought the oil was leaking. and now i haven’t been able to drive it for a week or so. it’s just not right.

oh… just to end it on a happy note. petrol price is below 11NOK. yippeeee


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. christy
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 14:42:05

    huhh.. harga minyak dunia terjun bebas tapi di indo tetap ji harganya. huhh…


  2. 1980chandra
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 09:36:51

    i spoke too soon. siangnya 10.99/liter, sorenya 11.99/liter (kali 1800rp). i jinxed it.


  3. christy
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 14:43:26

    oh and fyi, 1 us$ kemaren sekitaran rp.11400. ngerinya.. tapi hari ini sudah 9891..

    ngeri sekaliiiiii.. dan NOK jadi 1400an


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