it’s here! it’s here!

ole brumm (winnie the pooh’s norwegian name) synger:

det snør, det snør, tiddeli bom
det er det det gjør, tiddeli bom
nå snør det mye mer enn før
TIDDELI BOM og huttemei tu 

så kaldt det er, tiddeli bom
jeg kjenner det her, tiddeli bom
jeg kjenner det på mine tær
TIDDELI BOM og huttemei tu

i learnt this song waaaay back in my norwegian class. now every time i see snow, i feel like singing it. i think most people will understand the song even though it’s in norwegian. i absolutely love saying ‘tiddeli bom’ 🙂

yes, it’s snowing!!!

around 5am, someone at work went outside and came back bearing the news, ‘det snør ute!’ (it’s snowing outside). everybody was asking everybody else whether they had summer or winter tyres on their car. most still had winter. luckily for me, i was driving MOH’s car and he changed his tyres yesterday.

then everybody said not to worry, it would probably melt by the time we were done at work. and it wouldn’t snow too much anyway.

well, we were all wrong.

there’s around 4cm of snow on our balcony right now. it had snowed non stop since around 5am. it snowed so badly when i was driving home, i drove super slow and had to use my long lights because visibility was pretty bad. 

i love it when it’s snowing. i love watching the snowflakes and i absolutely love the way the snow covers everything. everything looks black-and-white.

soooo pretty.

det snør, det snør, TIDDELI BOM!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. the writer
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 10:39:19


    I want my snow tooooooooo!!!


  2. Soe
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 21:46:08

    Snowing here too this morning.. but not so much, dingiiinnnn 😦


  3. 1980chandra
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 15:59:47

    t w – we only had it for that day. the next snow probably won’t come until december. but it was nice, while it lasted 🙂

    s – di sini jg dingin bgt. it’s becoming impossible to go outside without winter jacket. harus pake baju ber-lapis2 kl keluar. di rumah juga harus pake kaos kaki terus. missing summer already hehe


  4. Felicity
    Nov 02, 2008 @ 12:51:31

    Salam kenal…. ada di Norway juga? Saya ada di Oslo… Minggu lalu sempat ada salju selama beberapa jam, trus mencair…. sekarang malah cerah dengan matahari… Musim dingin yang nggak niat atau memang belum yah *garuk2x kepala* 🙂


  5. 1980chandra
    Nov 02, 2008 @ 18:53:17

    hai. salam kenal balik 🙂
    di sini jg temperaturnya naik lagi, hari ini hujan plus angin kencang.
    biasanya mmg salju pertama di oktober, trus ga salju2 lagi smp desember. katanyaaaaaa


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