an open letter to…

all truck drivers out there.

first of all, i have to say that i don’t have a clue of how tough your job is but i imagine it must be very tough. what with being on the road all the time, away from your loved ones. not to mention the fact that you’re driving big, heavy trucks on any kind of weather on any hours on not always perfect road condition.

HOWEVER. as a fellow road user, i want to say that there are some of you who are quite rude on the road.

there are some who are so impatient when they’re about to enter a roundabout they’d pay no regard whatsoever to the give way sign.

there are also some who like to drive at least 10k/h over the speed limit and think it is acceptable to drive very, very close to the car in front of them in hope that this car would drive faster.

and then there are some who would drive out to the main road without waiting for it to clear, making other cars brake like crazy.

the thing is, you guys drive big, heavy vehicles and up against you, our little private five seater has no hope. so please, drive responsibly. don’t be bullies. nobody likes bullies.

and i understand a lot of you probably drive tired in quite a few occasion but again, you’re driving big, heavy vehicles and losing your concentration for even a split second is dangerous. driving a couple of inches into the other lane against the oncoming traffic can end up in disaster.

so please, behave yourself the way the rest of us do. common courtesy and all that.

kind regards,
the woman whose husband’s car has a broken left side mirror because one of you drove onto his lane and hit it. it is the same woman whose heart almost stopped a couple of days ago because while she was sitting in a car with her husband, one of you decided to drove, yet again, too much onto the opposite lane, forcing her husband to drove all the way to the side of his lane. and it happened in the tunnel which means any miscalculation of how much room we had would see us slamming on to the wall of the tunnel (buagang, buagaaang), not just into the ditch.

still, kind regards.


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