winter survival kit pt. 1

i can feel myself getting more and more affected by the winter weather every day. i feel cold all the time, physically and mentally. i’m trying my best to keep my humour up and i have come up with some things that make winter more bearable.

and because it is winter and i’m feeling lazy all the time, i can’t be bothered to do the whole list in one go. i’m going to break it down into many posts instead. whaaaat??? i can’t help it,  we have light outside for less than 10 hours a day! and it’s snowing right now!

so here’s the first thing that makes me a bit happier.


the little bit of greens that have so far survived give a little summery feeling in the house. and hey, if they can take the cold, who am i to complain about it?

this is actually a plant from the fish tank. it didn’t have roots so it kept floating to the surface. MOH took it out of the tank and placed it in a plastic cup.


i got the orchids for my birthday and the bamboo was given to us as a house-warming party gift.


i wonder what other plants i can buy that will survive winter. maybe some leaves without flowers…


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