MOH asked me for my wedding ring last night. he said he wanted to have it polished. i said no.

i don’t ever want to get my wedding ring polished. cleaned yes, but not polished. the scratches and the dents and whatever other ‘damages’ on it, they’re part of its history.

like this dent i got on it a few days after the wedding. i got it from a rock when we visited the waterfall in malino. i was sick that day. i was sick a couple of weeks before and after the wedding. the people who did my make-up didn’t think i would make it through the day without passing out. 

we went to malino with my aunties and uncle and mil. i sat on the backseat of the green kijang with MOH. mum packed us a few slices of the wedding cake which we ate in the car. my parents couldn’t come because they had to go to some family wedding from my dad’s side. we had to borrow someone’s toilet on the way. i ate some warm noodle soup on the way back home.

see how much memories a dent can bring back?

they’re like scars on your body.

like this mark i have at the end of my left brow. i don’t remember getting it but my mum knows it’s from the time i hit my head on the corner of a table when i learned to walk. for her, it has a story.

or the scar on my left ring finger that i got from that time i broke the bathroom sink in my parents’ bathroom. i almost cut my finger off that day. i put my bleeding finger into the bathtub and the whole water turned red. 

i once slept in that bathroom. i was so sleepy and instead of having a shower before school, i slept on the floor.

that bathroom was in my parents’ room. i once tripped over a cable in there and lost my front tooth.

i remember every corner of that bedroom. the cabinets. the vanity. the tv. the wardrobe. the walls. the smell.

i have plenty more scars and i like them all. they’re part of me. and they tell so many stories.

so no, i won’t get rid of them. and i won’t polish my wedding ring either. i will however, exchange it with a better looking one. don’t worry,  i’ll make sure this one’s tucked away in a safe place 😀


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