a crappy human mummy


sometimes before christmas, i found a little bump on baileys’s tail. the poor thing gets smothered by cuddles all the time because i just couldn’t resist it. she’s my living, breathing stuffed toy.

turns out, this cuddling sessions are good because i get to check her body at the same time. and so last week, i found a bump on her tail.

i told MOH who then tried to check it out and he said yes, there was something there. we tried to see what it was under the fur but baileys wouldn’t let us. i think it hurt a bit when we touched the spot. so after trying for a couple of days with no result, we thought we might have to take her to the vet. we did think it might be okay but she kept licking the spot and once, i had my head close to her while she did this and it smelled so bad. so, so, sooooo bad. so MOH made an appointment with the vet.

we went there today. our second visit in as many weeks. we were there last week with both girls for their annual vaccination.

baileys was very quiet in the examination room. she didn’t even try to make a run for it like she did last week. i held her while the vet examined her tail and it all went okay until she took something from baileys’s tail. at that moment i went, ‘aaaah’ and told MOH to hold her. i couldn’t take it. my poor baby.

there was fur and something bloody. shoot. i couldn’t look. baileys got an injection and i was totally fine with that. then the vet checked if she had taken everything out and i saw baileys’s pink, raw skin where she has taken the whatever out and felt cold all over again.

it was a good thing MOH came. i wouldn’t be able to handle it myself. i think it’s very clear now that i’m going to make a useless mum to my future human kids 🙄


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  1. the writer
    Jan 02, 2009 @ 11:49:28

    disana vet mahal juga ga? disini mahalnya amit.

    aku juga takut kalo suruh periksa2 ato ngasi obat begitu. kapan hari fluffy itu sempet sakit lalu disuruh ngasi antibiotik lewat mulut (ato paruh?) jadi dicekoki gitu, tapi aku ndak brani hehe, ngandelin cowok ku yang ngasi obat, sama kaya gunting kuku dsb, aku juga ga brani nggunting 😦


  2. 1980chandra
    Jan 02, 2009 @ 16:10:58

    di sini lumayan. dibilang mahal tidak, dibilang murah jg tidak. vaksinasi 300-an per cat. baileys suntik sama pil 10 570nok. mahal jg ya kl di-pikir2. dpt boots yg di-sale 3 pasang tuh huahaha

    kl ngasih obat sih aku berani soalnya ga nyakitin kan. tp kl gunting kuku aku ga pernah. takut keselip dikit trus kena sarafnya. kasian kan.

    kita chicken bgt ya hahaha ga bernyali.


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