i really really REALLY am a loser

so. another loser story about yours truly.

as i have written previously, baileys have to be on antibiotics for five days following her visit to the vet. 

just to give her a pill, we had to:

  1. lure her into the bathroom (the smallest room in the house with almost no hiding space for her).
  2. wrap her in a towel (so she couldn’t move and try to escape).
  3. fill a glass with cold water.
  4. force open her mouth with MOH’s fingers and lifted her head up at the same time.
  5. place the pill close to her throat.
  6. give her a little water so she would swallow the pill.
  7. shut her mouth so she wouldn’t spit it out.

and after every pill, she would look at us with this huge innocent eyes. i think she kinda hated us a bit.

she also became a little smarter with every pill. by the third pill, she started turning her head to the right or left. the smart girl had figure out that the only way for us to force open her mouth and for me to have a good look at her throat was when we had her looking straight foward toward me.

and so every morning and evening, MOH, baileys and myself would be shut up in the bathroom for five inutes or so.

yesterday night, we got ready for another pill-down-the-throat session. three of us in the bathroom. MOH and i were sitting on the floor. baileys was walking around. i had a teaspoon with water in my right hand and the med on my left hand. and then, i don’t know what made me do this, i put the pill on my palm and put it forward toward baileys.

she sniffed it. mouth came close to my palm and she took the pill into her mouth. she chewed. she licked clean the floor of pill crumbs. then she licked her lips like she just had her favourite salmon or tuna snack.

just like that. no wrapping her in towel. no forcing mouth open. no choking with water.

MOH sat on the floor and looked at baileys with this weird expression on his face. i said things like, ‘what was that? what just happened? she just ate the thing. what? what happened?’ and then i started laughing this hysterical laugh.

five pills. we forced five pills down her throat. literally forced it down her throat. she had been through five unpleasant sessions of being choked by water. we spent at the very leatest 15 minutes altogether making her miserable. and all along she would’ve taken the pill voluntarily. quite happily too.

why on earth didn’t the vet tell us she would’ve liked the meds? why why why???



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