date night – revolutionary road

remember when titanic first came out and it became so big? everyone who saw it told me to see it because it was so good. i did see it. i thought it sucked. well, alright, not sucked but definitely not great. not even good. it was just… plain.

i’ve seen it a few times (once at the cinema and then on tv when there was nothing else to watch) and i still, until this day, do not understand what’s so good about it. such a boring movie. and i still do the ‘i’ll never let go, jack’ thing in a mocking tone.

so when i heard about revolutionary road i wasn’t that keen to see it. i heard that a lot of people wanted to see it because this is the first movie that reunites leo dicaprio and kate winslet after the big success of titanic. yeah, yeah, whatever.

but then i saw the promotional clip for it and i was intrigued for a few reasons.

  • it’s not a romantic comedy.
  • it’s not a movie with outrageous special effects and no real story to tell.
  • i kinda like kate winslet.
  • i liked leo dicaprio in romeo and juliet. anybody remember that scene way at the beginning of this movie when mr dicaprio was sitting on the beach with the sun setting? maaaan, he was so young and cute then.

so i dragged MOH to the cinema to watch it with me for this month’s date night.

it was more than i expected. it is one of the best movies i have seen in years.

spoiler follows so stop reading if you plan to go and see it and don’t want to know the details.

the story is kinda depressing but i can relate to it so maybe that’s why i like it so much. kate winslet’s character… it was soooo me. minus the unwanted pregnancy. and the hating the husband. but the feeling of being trapped in a situation that makes you unhappy and the wanting to escape and the dreaming for different life… goodness. right to the heart.

and that kate winslet lady… she really is a superb actress. i kinda think her american accent sounds a bit funny at times but that doesn’t really matter because while she’s good at delivering her lines, she’s better at conveying emotions with her body. her face and eyes say it all. there were moments when i wondered if she really was acting. is it possible for a character to be so real when it was just acting?

there were also moments that were just creepy because i felt like what april (kate winslet’s character) said and thought was what i have said and thought myself. a bit too close to home.

leo dicaprio is good too. i think his acting is a bit more understated than kate winslet’s but you still get the essence of the character, frank. he plays it just right, i think. so right i kinda wanted to whack him on the head. because his character is such a freaking wuss.

my favourite part when frank goes to work with all these other men. all looking bored and unhappy, getting on and off the train on their way to work. wearing their greyish colour suit, carrying their black cases. it was brilliant.

and the saddest part is toward the end when they are having breakfast the day after they had the huge fight. april being all pleasant and friendly and acting interested and frank answers her questions in an equally pleasant tone. this two people were so happy and in love and now they’re like strangers. i guess that’s a lot of way to interpret that scene but for me, at that point, frank knows that he has lost april. and april has just given up on things and looks so defeated. this part is amazing. i wanted to slap them both. i wanted to slap frank and tell him to wake up and see that his life sucked and i wanted to yell at him to ‘HAVE A BIT OF COURAGE, MAN!’ and april because she should put herself first and really, to hell with frank.

i’m getting al worked up just thinking about it 🙂

i haven’t read the book so my take on the story might be completely wrong. it can very well be the total opposite of what the story really is about but this is my personal opinion.

i felt emotionally drained after this movie. and i went to bed hours later still thinking about it. i am definitely going to get it when it’s been released on the dvd. and i’m probably going to watch in hundreds of time. it is officially one of my favourite movies ever, along with muriel’s wedding and one fine day.

do yourself a favour and go see it. just go. go see it. it’s good.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soe
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 09:05:36

    Kalo titanic jalan ceritanya biasa aja, rada norak malah, he2.. mungkin ngetop lebih krn teknik n efek movienya yg bagus utk waktu itu.
    Just wondering.. were you at moa yesterday around 4-5 pm? I guess i saw someone who looks like you in front of the asian store. Kali aja mata da rabun.. he2 😀


  2. 1980chandra
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 09:38:55

    iya aku bilang jg gitu. ceritanya boring bgt.

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaa masa sih??? iya aku kemaren di depan scanasia di moa jam setengah limaan. berdua temen, anak indo. tungguin temen, anak indo jg.

    kok bisa siiiiih????? kebeneran bgt. sama siapa kamu di sana? knp ga datengin aku? aku ga liat lho orang asia lewat. baru bangun soalnya langsung keluar rumah, masih setengah tidur. laper lagi hehehe


  3. soe
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 16:14:55

    Waaa.. ternyata bener ya, feelingku tepat sekali.. 😀 Aku cuma liat sepintas km dari samping.. tp suamiku liat. Stlh di rmh aku kasih liat fotomu yg di avatar krn aku penasaran bgt, tp kata dia bukan.
    Kmrn itu aku sempat keluar lg sebentar dr toko asia, tp km da pergi. Sedih nih, kesempatan bertemu n ngomong bhs indo terlewatkan begitu saja.. 😦 Maybe next time ya 🙂


  4. Brooke
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 16:32:08

    That’s so funny because I am a HUUUUUGE Titanic fan, love the film, best film I’ve ever seen. And I was so excited for this film and I hated it. I read the book and felt it didn’t convey well to the movie. I’m a huge Kate Winslet fan and thought she was great but Leo out acted her in this one.


  5. 1980chandra
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 20:36:00

    s – dr samping keliatan kalo itu aku? hebaaaat mata kamu tajem bgt.
    oooh, artinya kamu datengnya pas aku dah mau pergi. soalnya aku duduk di sana lama bgt, ada 20 menit, nungguin temen. temenku di toko itu. trus dia keluar, kita cabut deh.

    aduuuuh, harusnya kamu dtg aja ke aku langsung. kita bertiga kemaren anak indo kumpul2. knp ga blg mo ke ålesund?

    ya kapan2 deh kl dtg lagi. nanti aku kasih no. hp aku di e-mail. pake e-mail yg mana kamu?

    b – oh wow, we’re the total opposite 😉
    maybe it’s because you read the book first and when a movie is based on a book, the movie, generally, turns out disappointing.

    i completely agree. i think leo was spot on in this movie. he did it just right, not overacting his character. he was subtle but powerful. but i read somewhere that in the book, frank is a bit of a ummm… d!ck and on the movie, he’s just pathethic.


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