it’s called karma

saturday afternoon, i read on the newspaper that the airport in oslo was shut as a result of heavy snow.

me: hey, gardemoen is closed.

MOH: hmm.

me: says here they don’t know when it’s going to be opened. wouldn’t it be nice if it stays closed all the way until next week. then i’ll get some days off work.

MOH: (don’t remember what he said but something about it wasn’t nice for me to wish them lots of snow)

me: better them than us.

sunday evening, it started to snow here. it’s been snowing on and off today and when MOH came home from work today, we were outside for quite some time cleaning the parking area and my car. it had since snowed again. still snowing as i type this. it means we have to go out and clean up again later on.

it sure didn’t take long for my words to come back and bite me on the backside. sorry, people in oslo. i took back what i said. here’s a cute picture of my baby as a peace offering.



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